Wreck Diving

Shipwreck Diving

Shipwreck diving is one of the most exciting of all underwater activities. They always contain treasure. If not gold or silver, they hold the key to a piece of history, the potential for a dramatic photograph, or habitat for amazing undersea creatures!

The waters surrounding the southeast coast are home to literally hundreds of shipwrecks and we plan to explore them all. Our staff is always heading for another wreck diving destination. Take the Wreck Diving and Deep Diving courses and we will make you an honorary member of our Wrecking Crew. Be recognized as a Radical Wrecker when you have logged dives on 12 different shipwrecks. Take the Advanced Wreck Diving course and log dives on our Ten Most Wanted list and you will be awarded membership in our Wreck Explorer Club and recieve the Explorer's Jacket and plaque.

Wrecks of the Florida Panhandle

Three Coal Barges (Pensacola)

threeBargesDepth: 50 ft.

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The barges were intentionally sunk during a storm in 1974. They were under tow when they broke free. A team of U.S. Navy demolition experts boarded and sunk them before they were driven ashore by the heavy seas. 


San Pablo (Pensacola)

sanPabloDepth: 80 ft.

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The San Pablo was a banana transport ship that was sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of Costa Rica. She was refloated, only to sink again in a mysterious explosion, later determined to be a top secret experimental weapon test.


Pete Tide II

peteTideDepth: 100 feet

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The Pete Tide II served as a personnel and service ship for the offshore oil industry. The ship was sunk in 1993 as an artificial reef. It is one of our favorite locations for conducting wreck diver training as she sits upright and the intact pilothouse is at a depth of 60 feet.





Watch this page as new wreck sites are added.



passport coverThe Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail Passport is your gateway to 12 spectacular wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. Filled with fascinating marine life, each shipwreck site has its own story to tell, from the world's largest artificial reef, the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, to FAMI Tugboats, one piggy-backed atop the other.

You may start your journey at any of the 12 destinations; upon completion of each dive be sure to have your passport validated with a signature and sticker. Pick up your Passport at Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center today!

Visit the Shipwreck Trail website at: www.floridapanhandledivetrail.com