Academic Review & Skill Development

Options for Academic Review & Skill Development

bubble 2After you complete the Home Study program (Step 1), you will participate in classroom training and training sessions in our indoor, heated (86ยบ) pool. These instructor-lead activities will reinforce the academic knowledge you gained at home and help you develop the skills you need to be comfortable, confident, and to dive safely. 

try dive pool1Your options for training include WEEKNIGHT CLASSES, WEEKEND CLASSES, or PRIVATE CLASSES. Depending on the season, classes fill quickly and there may be a waiting list. You are encouraged to place a deposit to hold class as soon as you have determined the best dates for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you can participate in any of the training options, you must attend a two hour ORIENTATION SESSION. Orientation must be completed AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO CLASS

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Weeknight Classes meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings. There are six classes, in all, across a three week period. Classroom sessions last approximately one hour each night and the pool training sessions that follow are three hours in length.

Weeknight Class Cost: $299
(Includes training materials) 

NOTE: Effective in July, Weeknight classes will meet one night per week, on Wednesdays, for a total of six classes (six weeks). 



This is our most popular class option. The compressed training schedule enables you to complete the class and pool training within one week which is a valuable option for individuals with demanding schedules.

Weekend Class Cost: $369
(Includes training materials) 





Select this option if you have a demanding work schedule or need to complete training before a trip, or specific date, and the scheduled classes will not meet your needs. This is also a great option for those who want the ultimate personal training experience. Private students are assigned to an instructor who will help you develop a mutually agreed upon training schedule.

Private Class Cost: $699  
Semi-private class cost: $499  
(Includes training materials)
Private Class Special: ony $299 with the purchase of a Total Diving System!



I would like to attend a scheduled class but will not be able to attend one or more of the sessions. What should I do?

If you know that you will miss a scheduled training date, selecting another session or private training may be the most cost effective option. Make-up sessions are available on a limited basis, are conducted as private sessions, and are priced accordingly.

I am a fast learner and don't think I will need as much training as other people. Do I have to attend the whole course?

The course hours have been established based on experience training thousands of divers. A little extra practice is always a good thing even if you acquire skills rapidly. If time is your primary concern, you should select the private class option.

What happens if I am sick or injured and have to miss a class?

Make-up sessions are available on a limited basis, are conducted as private sessions, and are priced accordingly. You also have the option of transferring to another class session to complete your training. There is no additional cost if the class is not full.

What is the total cost of training to become an Open Water Diver?

The total cost varies and will depend on the options that you choose. You can visit our Cost of Training page to get a general idea. Our staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you in any way.


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