Scuba Rangers

ranger headerScuba Rangers

Ages 8-10 years

"The SSI Scuba Rangers program is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of the aquatic world in a fun and encouraging way."

Scuba Rangers is a learn-to-dive course very similar to the one that an adult would attend to become an Open Water Diver. In The Scuba Rangers course, the academics are more age appropriate and the focus is on having fun, not getting certified. The objective is to get kids excited about the underwater environment and to familiarize them with the equipment and skills divers need to dive safely.

ranger photo stripTraining Course

Training takes place in pools or in protected areas where the depth is 15 feet or less. Scuba Rangers always dive under the direct supervision of a specially qualified instructor and the number of students is limited.

Scuba Ranger classes meet on Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM until Noon. There are a total of 5 lessons to complete the program. 

Special Ranger Activities

The Scuba Ranger experience doesn't end with the training program. Throughout the year, kids can participate in special activities designed just for Scuba Rangers. Activities include marine science learning objectives, combined with fun activities in the water. They remain active and involved with diving until they are eligible to become certified divers at age 10.

Course Cost: $325

Includes digital online training materials and instruction.

Getting Started

Scuba Ranger classes have limited enrollment so please register as soon as possible. A deposit of $125 will reserve a place in class and provide access to the online training. Upon enrollment, you and your child will be scheduled to attend and orientation session prior to class. You will complete a medical questionnaire and, based on the responses, a physical examination may be required.

Required Equipment

Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center and your Scuba Ranger instructor will supply all of the Scuba equipment needed for class. Each participant needs to have their own mask, fins, snorkel, mouthpiece kit, regulator necklace, defog and gauge clip. We offer specially priced packages at a substantial savings!

2018 Course Dates:

March 28 (Wed), 7:00 pm - Orientation

April 14 (Sat), 9:00 am - Class 1

April 21 (Sat), 9:00 am - Class 2

April 28 (Sat), 9:00 am - Class 3

May 5 (Sat), 9:00 am - Class 4

May 19 (Sat), 9:00 am - Graduation Day!


Be a Diver

Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center is proud to be a member of DEMA and a sponsor of the BE A DIVER campaign. Together we are working to make it possible for everyone to explore the underwater world. We believe that knowledge and first-hand experience will convince others to help as we seek to conserve the world's oceans for future generations.