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gear package stickerNITROX DIVER (Enriched Air) SPECIALTY COURSE 

nitrox courseNitrox is the most popular specialty course in the world, for very good reasons! Nitrox gives you more time underwater - often one and one half to two times what you would get breathing air. The extra oxygen in Nitrox can give you an energy boost which is especially nice on days when you make several dives. Nitrox can also be used to reduce the risk of diving accidents.

Learning to dive Nitrox is easy ...

slate nitroxPart 1: Complete the online training program

Part 2: Attend a 90 minute pre-test/dive plan workshop

Part 3: Use our analyzer to test a Nitrox tank

Part 4: Complete the 15 question review and leave with your Digital C-card!


All Inclusive Price: $208



boat diverMany of the best dive sites are not accessible from shore and there's a lot you should know before you board your first dive boat! Completeing the SSI Boat Diving specialty course is the best way to make certain that you will be prepared for your first adventure. Even you can't make it on a Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center trip, you don't have to look like a roookie. You can just complete the online training program before you go. We can even help you arrange training dives by referral.

Start your course today!

slate boatPart 1: Complete the online training program

Part 2: Complete a 25 question review

Part 3: Participate in pre-dive workshops

Part 4: Make 2 training dives






buoyancy course"If you take only one specialty course this should be it!"

Be one of the divers who is first in the water and last to return to the boat. Leave others wondering how you seemingly dive "forever" on a single tank. Dive in perfect trim, gracefully, with minimal effort. Approach even the smallest macro subjects for the perfect photo without stirring up a single grain of sand. This course will change the way you dive!

It is our experience that most divers are extremely over-weighted when they dive. As a result, they struggle with adjustments every time they swim up or down in the water. In the Perfect Buoyancy class, we start with perfect weighting and then move to weight distribution and trim. When you master the basics, we move to fin technique and 360ยบ positioning. We even provide this course free when you purchase your own custom built BC. Having the right equipment, and eveything in the right place makes a world of difference!

This is a private course, working one on one with your buoyancy coach. Call (423) 899-1008 today to schedule ...

buoyancy slatePart 1: Complete the online training program

Part 2: Participate in poolside workshop

Part 3: Complete the in-water workshop

Part 4: Complete the 25 question review and leave with your Digital C-card



Advanced Courses


We are frequently asked, "what is the difference between a certification and a rating?"

A certification is earned at the completion of each training course. For example, you may be certified as on Open Water Diver, a Boat Diver and a Nitrox Diver.

A rating is a combination of certifications + experience (logged dives).

Diver ratings include:

Specialty Diver

12 logged dives + 2 Specialty certifications 

Advanced Open Water Diver

24 logged dives + 4 Specialty certifications

Master Diver

50 logged dives + 4 Specialty certifications + Stress & Rescue